February 2018
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RAC Dinner

Tonight I attended the Rockland Astronomy Club’s annual dinner up in new york.  The night started off with some great appetizers and a disaronno on the rocks from Frank the bartender.  It was great meeting some new friends at the table I sat in.  The conversations moved from astronomy, to what everyone did for a living, and especially debates about the ridiculous national budget cuts for science research in America and the destruction of the manned space program in NASA (something that I was quite upset about when it happened late last year.)  The night transitioned to a warm welcome from the staff of RAC and announcements for the upcoming NEAF 2011 (20th year!)  For dinner we had clams, chicken marsala, Swedish meatballs, potatoes, and calimari…not the healthiest, but it was a special event.   After dinner was time for the door prizes.  I didn’t win anything this year, but winning a 12mm Naglar last year was enough for a while.   🙂

The highlight of the evening was a lecture by Charles Liu from the Hayden Planetarium in NYC.  His lecture was entitled “Galaxies and Our Cosmic Future.”  The talk was filled with humor and even singing!  “Black holes don’t suck!  If you fall into one you have a new home..”  or something like that…  He spoke in depth on galaxy luminosity functions and about the Cosmos project that he is involved in.  I enjoyed his lecture because of how simple he made these theories sound, especially to a non physicist.  Some coffee, more laughs, and chocolate cake ended the night.  I am very much looking forward to NEAF and the imaging conference coming up.  The Rockland Astronomy Club always outdoes itself with their events!

The night was an inspiration to me especially considering how little I have been able to sit under the stars the last few months.  Cold weather combined with lots of music rehearsals/productions has not allowed me to get out.  I also want to keep this blog updated a little more often than I have been.  Going to try to post a blog at least once per week on something related to astronomy.

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