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Alien Fossil UPDATE

NASA has made an official response to Dr. Hoovers claim that alien life has been discovered on this meteorite CI1 carbonaceous chondrites.

“NASA is a scientific and technical agency committed to a culture of openness with the media and public. While we value the free exchange of ideas, data, and information as part of scientific and technical inquiry, NASA cannot stand behind or support a scientific claim unless it has been peer-reviewed or thoroughly examined by other qualified experts. This paper was submitted in 2007 to the International Journal of Astrobiology. However, the peer review process was not completed for that submission. NASA also was unaware of the recent submission of the paper to the Journal of Cosmology or of the paper’s subsequent publication. Additional questions should be directed to the author of the paper.” Paul Hertz, chief scientist of NASA’s science mission directorate, Washington.

The following response from Dwayne Brown, NASA, was received by NASA Watch in quick response to questions asked this afternoon:

Did Hoover fill out NASA Standard Form 1676 or get internal review or permission at NASA MSFC to publish this paper? Answer: No. A SF-1676 was not submitted before submission of the paper to the Journal of Cosmology. Submission of a SF-1676 is standard. The SF-1676 on file is for a revised version of the 2007 article that was submitted to the International Journal of Astrobiology. The SF-1676 was approved by Marshall’s science management chain for re-submission of the revised article to the International Journal of Astrobiology. Hoover took the advice from a colleague in the astrobiology field to submit the paper to the Journal of Cosmology. No SF-1676 was submitted to or approved by MSFC management for submission of the revised article to the Journal of Cosmology. NASA policies state that papers on topics of this magnitude should be published in scientific journals that conduct rigorous peer review prior to publication.

So, as I suspected, this study is most likely going to go no where.  I also read on another blog about a dispute whether or not Richard Hoover actually has a PhD.  I wonder if someday there will be real evidence for extraterrestrial life.  In one of my favorite movies, Contact, the question whether there is life out there in the universe is answered, “If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space.”  Personally, I feel that there is other life out there.  Maybe in a form of life that we can or even can’t see.  But that is a question for a totally different blog post.


Dr. Riccardo Guerrero / Journal of Cosmology

S0 this is what alien life looks like….

Once again there has been a new claim of alien life found on a meteorite.  Some of the information regarding this discovery has been made public but the full paper will be published in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology.  The research by Dr. Richard Hoover basically says that this biological fossil is not native to earth.  He states that the process for making the discovery was “a very simple process.”  What Dr. Hoover did cut the rare meteorite in a sterile environment, then he found the biological remains using a scanning electron microscope.  He feels very confident of his discovery stating, “if someone can explain how it is possible to have a biological remain that has no nitrogen, or nitrogen below the detect ability limits that I have, in a time period as short as 150 years, then I would be very interested in hearing that.”


Claims like this have been made in the past.  Some of you may remember ALH-84001, the martian meteorite where in 1996 scientists thought that it contained nanobacterial fossils.  At the time the found fossils were smaller than any known single celled life.  This discovery went all the way to the White House where President Bill Clinton made a global announcement that ET has been found.  Could this newly found biological remain found on the meteorite CI1 carbonaceous chondrites be announced by our current Commander and Chief?  I don’t think so.  Unless the evidence is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is real.  In response to the discovery Seth Shostak from SETI stated, “Maybe life was seeded on earth–it developed on comets for example, and just landed here when these things were hitting the very early Earth.  It would suggest, well, life didn’t really begin on the Earth, it began as the solar system was forming.”  I am curious as to the future of this discovery and will blog about it when I find out more.